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Faculty of Engineering (Technische Fakultät)

Institute of Medical Biotechnology (MBT)
  • Myotechnology Development
  • Biomechanics and Cell Signaling
  • Myofibrillar Myopathies
  • Mechanotransduction
Prof. Oliver Friedrich
Dr. Sebastian Schürmann
Dr. Andreas Buttgereit
Institute of Particle Technology (LFG)
  • Functionalization and Coating of Nanoparticles
Prof. Robin Klupp Taylor
Institute of Pattern Recognition (Mustererkennung 5)
  • whole Body Biomechanics
  • Algorithms and Simulations for Exercise and Medical Engineering
Prof. Björn Eskofier
Prof. Dr. Anne Koelewijin
Institute of Biomaterials (WW7)
  • Muscle Tissue Engineering
  • Biomaterials
  • Artifical Muscles
Prof. Aldo Boccaccini         Dr. Rainer Detsch
Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS)
  • Biomechatronics
  • Artificial Muscles
  • Cybernetics, Robotics, Prosthetics
Prof. Jörg Franke                Dr. Sebastian Reitelshöfer
Institute of Applied Dynamics (LTD)
  • Aritifical Muscles
  • Cybernetics
Prof. Sigrid Leyendecker

Faculty of Natural Sciences (Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät)

Biophysics Goup (Center for Medical Physics and Technology)
  • Muscle Biomechanics
  • Contractility assays
  • Cytoskeleton
  • Cardiomyopathies
Prof. Ben Fabry  Prof. Wolfgang Goldmann         Dr. Ingo Thievessen
Division of Developmental Biology
  • Genetics of Muscle and Heart Development
  • Muscle Mutants as Disease Models
Prof. Manfred Frasch                Dr. Ingo Reim    PD Dr. Alexandra Schambony

Faculty of Medicine (Medizinische Fakultät)

Institute of Biochemistry
  • Signaling Disorders in mitochondrial and neuromuscular Myopathies
  • Neuromuscular Transmission(-disorders)
Prof. Said Hashemolhosseini
Institute of Anatomy (I)
  • Mastication and Sip Musculature
  • Micro-Anatomy of Muscle
Prof. Winfried Neuhuber
Institute of Cellular & Molecular Physiology
  • Electrophysiology in Heart and cardiac Ion Channels in Health and Disease
Prof. Tilmann Volk                     Dr. Thomas Seidel
Institute of Human Genetics
  • Genetics of Muscle Diseases
PD Dr Christian Thiel
Institute of Pathology
  • Zebrafish Models for Myopathies and Cardiomyopathies
  • Bioinformatics
Prof. Felix Engel Dr. Fulvia Ferrazzi
Institute of Neuropathology
  • Animal and Cell Models for Protein Aggregate Myopathies (PAM)
Prof. Ingmar Blümke                    Dr. Katja Kobow   Prof. Harald Herrmann-Lerdon
Department of Neurology
  • Diagnostics and Therapies of Patients with Neuromuscular Diseases
  • Pathogenesis of inflammatory muscle diseases and PAM
Prof. Stefan Schwab
Prof. Ralf Linker
Dr. Matthias Türk
Molecular Neurology Division of the Neurological Clinics
  • Autophagy, Exosome Formation
  • Computer-based Movement and Gait Analyses
PD. Dr. Jochen Klucken           Prof. Jürgen Winkler
Institute of Ophthalmology
  • Electron-Microscopy of human and murine Skeletal Muscle Diseases
Prof. Ursula Schlötzer-Schrehardt
Institute of Anesthesiology
  • Critical Illness Myopathy
  • Sepsis-associated Cardiomyopathies
Prof. Jürgen Schüttler
Division of Neuropediatrics
  • Diagnostics and Therpay of Neuromuscular Disorders in Children
Prof. Regina Trollmann
Division of Pediatric Cardiology
  • Diagnostics and Therpay of Cardiac Disorders in Children
Prof. Sven Dittrich
Institute of Medical Physics
  • Muscle Traning and Exercise Technologies
  • Performance Diagnostics
  • Multimodal 3D-Imaging in Bone & Muscle
  • Sarcopenia & Osteoporosis
Prof. Wolfgang Kemmler         Prof. Klaus Engelke
Experimental Animal Facility (PETZ)
  • Functional Analyses of transgenic Animal Models
  • Translational Therapy Approches
Prof. Stephan von Hörsten
Institute of Cardiac Surgery
  • Development of cardiac Assist Devices for Cardiomyopathies
Prof. Michael Weyand
Division of Molecular Medicine (Women’s Hospital)
  • Cell Fusion in Muscle, Placenta, Osteoclasts and Carcinomas
  • Satellite-/Stem Cell Differentiation
  • Gene Expression, Microdissection, Microarrays
PD. Dr. Reiner Strick
Preclinical Imaging Platform Erlangen (PIPE)
  • Non-invasive Imaging in small Animals
  • Musculo-Skeletal Imaging
  • Ultrasound, SPECT, MRT, CT, PET
Prof. Tobias Bäuerle
Medical Clinics I
  • Tumor-cachexia and muscular effects
  • training and nutrition regimes for tumor patients and muscle function
Prof. Markus Neurath          Prof. Yurdagül Zopf                    Dr. Hans-J. Herrmann
Radiology Clinics
  • Development of novel MRI-technologies
  • Ultra-high-field MRI (7 Tesla)
  • Multi-nuclear MRI
  • Muscle MRI
Prof. Armin Nagel                   Dr. Rafael Heiss
Orthopedic Clinics (Waldkrankenhaus)
  • novel diagnostics in musculoskeletal songraphy
  • therapy of muscle injuries
  • muscle perfusion and interventional strategies
Dr. Thilo Hotfiel
Clinics for Plastic and Hand Surgery
  • Musculo-skeletal Tissue Engineering
  • Myogenic transdifferentiation of mesenchymal stem cells
  • functional nano-fibre-scaffolds
Prof. Raymund Horch

Faculty of Philosophy (Philosophische Fakultät)

Institute of Exercise Medicine and Kinesiology
  • Kinesiology and Training Regimes in Muscle Disease and Ageing
Prof. Matthias Lochmann

External Members

Clinics of Anesthesiology & operative Intensive Care Medicine
  • Septic Cardiomyopathy
Dr. Sören Wagner
Clinics for Plastic, Hand and Burns Surgery
  • Musculo-skeletal Tissue Engineering
Prof. Justus Beier