Welcome to the Muscle Research Center Erlangen

The Muscle Research Center Erlangen (MURCE) brings together more than 40 scientists from 27 institutes and laboratories from the Faculties of Natural Sciences, Medicine and Engineering of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Research at MURCE covers the following areas:

– Muscle Function & Biomechanics

– Neuromuscular Disorders, inherited and acquired Myopathies

– Translational Muscle Therapies

– Muscle Development & Muscle Ageing

– Muscle Training & Doping in Sport

– Research Technologies & Biomedical Engineering

MURCE forsters scientific exchange, graduate and post-graduate education in the area of skeletal and heart muscle research and hosts regular interdisciplinary seminars with national and international speakers.

Our microfluidic rheometer (left) and particle tracking microrheometer (right) for studying the stiffness of cells and extracellular matrix samples.