Publicly funded MURCE projects

Aijia Cai
  • DFG CA2301/1-1 Title: „Vaskularisation von neuromuskulären Konstrukten auf PCL-Kollagen I-PEO-Nanofaserscaffolds. 2020-2022 Link
Felix B. Engel:
  • DFG, SFB/TRR 225 Biofabrication of human heart tissue on the basis of spider silk protein. 2018-2021 Link
  • DFG EN453/12-1 Establishment and function of non-centrosomal MTOCs in striated muscle. 2018-2021 Link
  • DFG FOR2149 EN453/10-2 Elucidation of Adhesion-GPCR signaling, Subproject: Delineating the role of CTF and NTF of Gpr126 in physiology and pathophysiology. 2018-2021 Link
  • DFG EN453/11-1 Development of a cardiac patch based on a bilayer, conductive, biomimetic, polymeric scaffold. 2016-20 Link
  • DFG FOR2149 EN453/10-1 Elucidation of Adhesion-GPCR signaling, Subproject: Elucidation of the functional role of Gpr126 during heart development. Link
Oliver Friedrich:
  • DFG FR2993/16-1 Skeletal Muscle Function under Pressure: Elucidating Mechanisms of Muscle Ca2+ Signaling Failure and Ultrastructure Disintegration using a novel High-Pressure Multiphoton Microscopy Technology. 2014 – 2018 Link
  • DFG FR2993/23-1 Adding Dimension: Mechanotransduction in mammalian endothelial cells and cardiomyocytes exposed to passive stretch using a novel multi-directional isotropic cell-stretch technology. 2017 – Link
  • DFG SFB/Transregio TRR225 Biofabrication; Sub-Project B08 Time-resolved biophotonic studies of cellular signaling, cell-matrix-interactions and matrix-remodeling mechanisms in biofabricated constructs. 2018 – 2021 Link
  • ZIM-Kooperationsprojekt Central Innovation Program SME, Ministry of Economy & Technology, ZF4134307CR8 MyoBio Development of a perfusion-bioreactor technology for automated decellularization and recellularization of skeletal muscle tissue for Regenerative Medicine. 2018 – 2021
Said Hashemolhosseini:
  • DFG HA 3309/3-1 The neuromuscular role of canonical Wnt and/or YAP/Taz/Tead signaling. 2017-2021 Link
  • DFG HA 3309/6-1 Neuromuscular endplate pathology in autosomal dominant and recessive desminopathies. 2019-2022 Link
  • DFG HA 3309/7-1 Identification of the interactome of muscular LAP proteins, Erbin, Lano, and Scribble, their involvement in the endocytic recycling at the neuromuscular synapse, and their role in myogenesis. 2019-2022 Link
Ingolf Reim:
  • DFG 422738372 Specification and diversification of cardiac cell subtypes in Drosophila. 2019 – 2022 Link